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    Expert Guidance in Calgary, Alberta

    Whether you’re an individual seeking new adventures and career growth, or a company looking to bring in international talent, our immigration consultancy in Calgary, AB, is your gateway to securing the right Canada Work Permit. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of Canada’s diverse work permit options, we are here to transform your Canadian work aspirations into reality.

    Our Work Permit Expertise:

    We offer comprehensive services tailored to the diverse work permit needs of our clients, including:

    Open Work Permits:

    • For those who desire flexibility, an open work permit allows you to work for any employer in Canada. Ideal for:
      • Spouses or common-law partners of skilled workers or international students
      • International graduates from Canadian universities
      • Participants of special programs like Working Holiday

    We guide you through the application, ensure eligibility, and help maintain your status in Canada.

    Employer-specific Work Permits:

    • If you have a job offer from a Canadian employer, this permit binds you to a specific position, location, and employer. It often requires a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) which we can facilitate through:
      • Coordination with employers to complete the LMIA process
      • Ensuring job offers meet federal requirements
      • Bridging between temporary and permanent residency applications when applicable

    Global Talent Stream:

    • Tailored for companies looking to hire unique, high-skilled foreign workers quickly. Our services include:
      • Assisting employers in navigating the Global Talent Stream
      • Expedited work permit processing for eligible positions
      • Strategic advice on long-term benefits and immigration pathways for foreign workers

    NAFTA Professionals:

    • Leveraging the North American Free Trade Agreement, some American and Mexican professionals can work in Canada with fewer hurdles. We specialize in:
      • Advising on NAFTA eligibility and application procedures
      • Streamlining the process for professionals and businesses
      • Ensuring compliance with evolving trade agreements and immigration policies

    Agricultural Workers Program:

    • For seasonal workers in the agricultural sector, we:
      • Assist with the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP)
      • Offer guidance on worker rights and protections in Canada
      • Provide ongoing support for both employers and foreign workers

    Intra-Company Transfers:

    • We facilitate the transfer of key employees to Canadian branches of international companies by:
      • Assisting with the Intra-Company Transferee permit applications
      • Advising on the documentation needed to prove company relationships
      • Helping transferred employees transition to permanent residency if desired


    • Caregivers can obtain work permits to provide in-home support to children, seniors, and people with medical needs. Our consultancy:
      • Advises on the unique requirements for caregiver work permits
      • Supports families and caregivers through the application process
      • Outlines pathways to permanent residence for caregivers

    Academic and Co-op Positions:

    • Students and academics looking to gain experience in Canada can rely on our services for:
      • Assisting with co-op work permits for students
      • Guiding academics through the research and teaching permit process
      • Support in complying with academic institution requirements and immigration regulations

    Customized Application Strategy: Every client receives a tailored strategy covering:

    1. Initial Evaluation
    2. Application Preparation
    3. LMIA Coordination (when required)
    4. Permit Extensions and Compliance
    5. Permanent Residency Pathways

    Take the Next Step: Contact us for a comprehensive consultation and let our Calgary-based immigration consultancy empower your Canadian work permit journey. Experience dedicated, thorough, and compassionate service tailored to your unique circumstances and professional ambitions.

    Dive into a world of opportunity and let us be your guides. Obtain your Canada Work Permit with a partner who truly understands the landscape.

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