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    Strategic Partnerships for Global Entrepreneurs and Investors

    Welcome to Calgary Immigration Consulting, where your business acumen meets Canadian opportunity. As a premier consulting firm based in Calgary, Alberta, we offer an unparalleled suite of services designed to guide international entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, and investors through Canada’s Business Immigration pathways. From start-up ventures to significant investments, our strategic approach aligns with the aspirations of business-savvy individuals ready to make their mark in Canada’s thriving economy.

    Why Canada for Business Immigration? Canada’s reputation as a stable and prosperous nation extends into its business landscape, characterized by a robust economy, a highly skilled workforce, and a supportive environment for innovation and growth. Business immigrants play a vital role in this economic narrative, bringing diversity, new skills, and investment. By choosing Canada, you are selecting a country that values your contribution and provides the foundation for outstanding business success.

    Customized Business Immigration Services at

    Comprehensive Business Immigration Consultation

    • Individual Needs Analysis: We start with an in-depth consultation to understand your business aspirations, experience, and the value you can bring to Canada’s economy.
    • Business Model Evaluation: Our team assesses your business plan or investment proposition, emphasizing how it can meet the criteria of various immigration programs.

    Start-Up Visa Program Assistance

    • Start-Up Visa Strategy: Tailoring your innovative business idea to attract the interest of designated organizations—venture capital funds, angel investor groups, or business incubators.
    • Business Plan Development: Working with you to develop a comprehensive and compelling business plan that fulfills the program’s requirements.

    Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) – Business Streams

    • Province-Specific Guidance: Helping you navigate the different business immigration streams offered by Canadian provinces under their respective PNPs.
    • Application Coordination: Assisting with the provincial nomination process, which often includes a detailed business concept, exploratory visits, and net worth verification.

    Self-Employed Persons Program

    • Self-Employed Assessment: Advising self-employed individuals in cultural or athletic activities on their eligibility and the process for this unique immigration category.

    Investor Immigration Solutions

    • Investment Opportunities: Connecting you with suitable investment opportunities that align with your interests and satisfy immigration program criteria.
    • Investor Visa Application: Offering full support in preparing and submitting your application, ensuring that your investment meets all the necessary regulatory requirements.

    Business, Entrepreneur, and Investor Program Analysis

    • Comprehensive Eligibility Reviews: Evaluating your credentials against the eligibility criteria of various federal and provincial entrepreneur and investor programs.
    • In-Depth Application Support: Providing end-to-end assistance, from initial paper submission to follow-up communications with immigration authorities.

    Business Expansion and Intra-Company Transferees

    • Intra-Company Strategy: Assisting international companies in transferring key personnel to their Canadian branches or subsidiaries.
    • Expansion Planning: Guiding corporate clients through the process of establishing new business entities in Canada.

    Work Permit Facilitation

    • Temporary Work Permits: Securing the necessary work permits that allow business immigrants to establish or manage their business operations in Canada during the immigration process.

    Business Networking and Integration

    • Professional Networking: Introducing you to potential business partners, industry networks, and trade associations within Canada to aid your business integration.
    • Settlement Services: Ensuring not only the transition of your business but also that of your family, with comprehensive settlement planning services.

    Language and Cultural Competency Assistance

    • Language Proficiency Enhancement: Providing referrals for language training services if you or your family members require support in meeting language requirements.
    • Cultural Orientation: Offering resources to help you understand the Canadian business culture and practices, ensuring effective communication and management within the Canadian context.

    Ongoing Support and Legal Advice: Our business immigration services extend beyond documentation and applications. prides itself in offering continuous support throughout your immigration journey:

    • Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the complex business and immigration regulations to remain compliant with Canadian laws.
    • Government Liaison: Coordinating with federal and provincial government entities on your behalf to ensure smooth processing of your application.

    Your Business. Our Focus: At, we recognize that business immigration is a significant life and career move that demands careful consideration and professional handling. Our dedicated team provides personalized solutions—taking your business from concept to Canadian soil, structuring your immigration journey with the utmost precision and care.

    Begin Your Business Immigration Venture: As Canada welcomes entrepreneurs and investors, is ready to facilitate your entrance into the Canadian market. Start your business immigration process with us today and position yourself at the forefront of Canada’s economic landscape.

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